week six checkpoint - Indian gaming revenue brings funds to...

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Legislation Legacy 1 Legislation Legacy ETH 125 February 24, 2011 Ryan O'Kelly
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Legislation Legacy 2 Title of Paper A current issue involving Native Americans and the federal government deals with Native American gaming. Native American gaming came about in the 1980's, around the same time the state lotteries began to increase in numbers. The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) was passed by congress in 1988 to bring order to the growing tribal gaming industry. States were against the IGRA when it was introduced, feeling they had the right to control or limit gaming. Tribes had to protect themselves by seeking legislative insurance from Supreme Court rulings. Indian Nations have every right to Indian gaming recognized by the Supreme Court. Indian gaming is very beneficial to reservations bringing economical development to tribes. Developing
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Unformatted text preview: Indian gaming revenue brings funds to provide education, law enforcement, development, and much more to the Native American reservations. Indian gaming is the primary revenue for reservations. Casinos bring a large amount of job opportunities among tribe members, which could help the unemployment rate amount Native Americans. Legislation Legacy 3 References NCAI. (2001-2011). National Congress of American Indians . Retrieved from http://www.ncai.org/Gaming.43.0.html NGISC. (1999). National Gambling Impact Study Commission . Retrieved from http://govinfo.library.unt.edu/ngisc/research/nagaming.html Brewer, S. (unknown). National Indian Gaming Assoication . Indian Gaming Regulatory Act History & Facts, (unknown), . Retrieved from http://www.indiangaming.org/info/pr/presskit/STATES.pdf...
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week six checkpoint - Indian gaming revenue brings funds to...

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