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Wk4 dq1 Slavery was the single greatest travesty committed by this country and will always be a scar on our history. Blacks have been a victim of every type of discrimination known to man. Because of slavery, blacks were denied access to books and education. I believe that until all citizens of this country move on and let equality truly exist we will always have a racial tension in the U.S. The Civil Rights movement was a step in the right direction, however the slaying of Martin Luther King jr. set us back 100 years in progress. Today we still see
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Unformatted text preview: black Americans earning lower wages than White Americans on average. The Biggest corporations in the country today are owned and ran by whites and this is a throwback to slavery in a sense. I believe this is the biggest indicator that slavery existed in our country. Even though we have a black President our country is ran on big business. Major oil and car companies are owned by Whites and until there is a shift in CEO's we will continue to see the influence of slavery in this country....
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