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Wk6 dq2 If faced with a decision to make regarding staying on the reservation with my tribe or relocating to a city without them I would choose to move to the city. Not because I want to get away from my people but simply because I want to see what life outside the reservation has to offer. I personally hate living in the “box” and becoming complacent. With making a decision to move I am sure some people in the tribe would disagree with the decision but I am too much of an explorer to stay in one place for the rest
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Unformatted text preview: of my life. I would go back to the reservation from time to time, and assist and support any efforts made to better the lives of the people living on the reservation. When I found that life off the reservation proved to be better I would then try and convince my family members to move off the reservation. Knowing that there is more to life than poverty, which is what may people on reservations are subject to, I would want them to live a better life....
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