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After reading the essay “Struggling for Perfection,” I did not see Amy Beck’s supporting elements. She does have a lot of facts and opinions on this topic, but where does the support come from on her key points? The references that she did have do not have any links or page numbers from books or magazines, etc. to reference our self. I can understand and relate to this specific essay, because when I was young I had an eating disorder. I wanted to look like all the beautiful models and actress, and my father put in my head that a woman can not get any where in life if she is fat a man will not want her.
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Unformatted text preview: So at the age of 16 and 5’9” I was only 93lbs and thought that I was fat. After having four children I realize that it is not how much you way or what some one else thinks about how you look, it is how one feels about them self and what is on the inside. I do however, struggle with being afraid of becoming overweight, I am constantly working out and eating healthy, but still in the back of my mind that little man telling me I need to lose weight when in fact I should probably gain weight....
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