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tu vung day noi - TO COMPETE Ex 1.: Mary competed for a...

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TO COMPETE Ex 1.: Mary competed for a place at a university, but she didn't get in because of her poor exam results. Ex 2.: Because there were only 3 horses competing, it was not a very exciting race. SEA Ex 1.: We'll go sailing if the sea becomes quieter. The wind is too strong and the waves are too high. Ex 2.: They went to America by sea, not by air. It was much cheaper. WALL Ex 1.: Hang this picture on the wall. Ex 2.: We painted the walls green, because this colour makes us calmer. PARADISE Ex 1.: People tend to believe that when they die, their souls will go to the Paradise. Ex 2.: I opened the gate and saw the most beautiful, paradise-like garden I'd ever seen. CLOUD Ex 1.: I opened the door and walked into a cloud of dust. The room hadn't been cleaned for ages. Ex 2.: Black clouds are gathering. It's going to rain today. ARMY Ex 1.: He joined the French army in World War II and was killed in the battle. Ex 2.: The army of riders and archers has won the battle. TO MANIPULATE Ex 1.: The advertisement is manipulating people into buying things that they don't need. Ex 2.: He manipulated his friend in order to get an important piece of information from him. PLEASANT Ex 1.: What a pleasant weather! Let's go for a walk. Ex 2.: I love tulips for their pleasant smell. CANDLE Ex 1.: When there was no electricity, people used candles, which were the only source of light. Ex 2.: I dream of a romantic candle-lit dinner with my husband. NUCLEAR Ex 1.: Nuclear power might be the main future source of energy that could reduce carbon emissions. Ex 2.: There was an accident in Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, which still has a negative impact on living beings.
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NOTE Ex 1.: Leave him a note on the wall, or he will forget to turn off the lights again! Ex 2.: Take notes, because it's impossible to remember everything from the lecture. TO FORECAST Ex 1.: The experts forecast a huge rise in unemployment due to the economic crisis. Ex 2.: A lot of snow has been forecast for the following week. RESPONSIBLE Ex 1.: I'm not afraid of lending him money or my car, because he's a very responsible person. Ex 2.: We're looking for a responsible babysitter to look after our daughter. NIGHTMARE Ex 1.: Her small daughter woke up in tears, because she had a nightmare. Ex 2.: The journey home was a nightmare! Traffic jams every freaking five minutes, and then the car broke down. SUMMARY Ex 1.: I need a summary of this book. There's not enough time before my exam to read the whole novel. Ex 2.: Here is a summary of the article. If you're interested, I'll give you the full version. PAVEMENT Ex 1.: Pavements in our city are terribly dirty and littered by passers-by. Ex 2.: Don't ride your bike on the pavement or you will hurt someone! TO MISS
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tu vung day noi - TO COMPETE Ex 1.: Mary competed for a...

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