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Customer service test - for further assistance c Tell the...

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Customer service test 1.) An angry customer is at the encounter complaining about the layover. He is yelling at you, calling you obscene names, and you smell alcohol on his breath. What do you do? a) Call your manager and explain what is happening. b) Call security to give this man a breathalyzer. c) Apologize to the customer and continue to help him. d) Call you manager explain the situation and ask for assistance. 2.) Your name is Jack and you have been with the airline for three weeks. A female customer in a wheelchair asks for your assistance in the bathroom. You were told by your supervisor that you were not to leave the counter. How do you assist this customer? a) Tell the customer that it is not your job to help her in these matters b) Explain to the customer that you’re unable to leave the counter, but you can call someone
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Unformatted text preview: for further assistance. c) Tell the customer that you do not care about their problems. d) Inform security that a person in a wheelchair is harassing you. 3.) You have a customer at the counter who is telling you her life story. How would you handle this customer? a) Explain to the customer that you have a long line and just need pertinent information to help her. b) Tell the customer you do not care about her life. c) Listen and smile while asking probing questions to lure the flight information out of her. d) Call you manager and ask for help. 4.) When someone is speaking me to me while I am distracted. I am usually am to focus _______ attention to them. a) All b) Some c) None d) Most...
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