Theo ch 1 - To my understanding, it is what will be the End...

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NT THEO 220-02 Ch 1 Overview of the New Testament I did not know what to expect prior to reading a book called The New Testament . I thought it was going to be ‘preachy’, for lack of a better word. I was pleasantly surprised after I read chapter 1 though. Not only did it state more facts than opinions, but it even gave a quick tutorial on how to go about reading it. The author tells the reader that objectivity is good and that it brings forth a welcomed challenge. I also enjoyed how this chapter gives a background into the origins of early Christian literature as well as a preface as to what we can expect to see in the New Testament. Knowing where something comes from gives me a better sense of its validity. Out-lining what I am going to be studying helps me grasp the bigger picture and makes things more coherent. I would like to know more about the apocalypse. It is mentioned on page 13 but was slightly confusing because it was not explored in great detail.
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Unformatted text preview: To my understanding, it is what will be the End of Days where heaven and hell come to earth. This sounds similar to one of the descriptions the book offers but it also gives two more accounts. One is on a personal level dealing with the end of ones own life, and the other is on a general level which relates it to the end of history and society. Is it meant to be taken in all three ways? Even if it is not, I think each idea would be interesting in exploring. This chapter made me question two things. The first is why are Jesus earlier years not mentioned? We know much about his end of life and even his birth. I find it hard to believe that nothing miraculous or worthy of teaching happened when he was younger. My other question relates to the section that discusses women in the church. The book says Paul envisioned a place of equality, yet to my knowledge women even to this day are not allowed to become priests....
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Theo ch 1 - To my understanding, it is what will be the End...

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