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NT THEO 220-02 Ch 2 Formation of the New Testament This chapter gave me a new appreciation for the Bible. The Bible is convenient like every other book in that I can just go to my local Barnes and Noble and pick up a copy. This allows me to take it for granite because it makes me associate it with other books in more than just this way. Most books are written in a shorter time frame. This can be from several months to a few years. However, the Bible has been in the making for centuries and to this day is still being edited. The time frame is not the only thing that was surprising concerning the creation of the Bible. Many other problems arose such as determining which books are the important and valid texts. Translation also seems like a huge issue. There are communication barriers today so I can only imagine how poor they were back then. I would like to know more about why the church at first rejected certain books such as
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Unformatted text preview: Revelation only to later incorporate them. What made them fail to meet the standards in the first place but then be allowed in. Were new discoveries concerning these books made or were the original reasons for not incorporating them dispelled? My question is one that might not have an answer. Is it better to have a translation that is easy to understand or one that is historically accurate? When you read something that is in your own language and style, you can absorb it more completely. This seems like a good option but the style of writing has changed a great deal since the Bible was first written. To accommodate this would require a lot of editing and revision. I am afraid some of the meaning would be lost in translation. This begs the question as to which is more valuable: meaning or relativity?...
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