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NT THEO 220-02 Ch 5 Roman Political Power The part of chapter 5 that shocked me the most was the section on loyalism and martyrdom. It references examples of how Jews were punished by Antiochus’s soldiers for simply practicing their faith. The book says that a ninety year old was killed for spitting out pig flesh. Another story was that of seven boys who were scalped, had their tongues removed, and then were thrown into pans where they fried alive. I wonder if these are actual accounts of things past or if the authors embellished them a little to get a point across. I would like to discuss the whole aspect of martyrdom more. The people I discussed in my previous paragraph died for what they believed in. Did this strengthen fellow Jews commitment to Judaism or did it encourage them to hide their faith for fear of these things happening to them? I can see both sides.
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Unformatted text preview: On one hand, I do not want to die. Its not so much a fear of death as it is that I enjoy my friends, family, and just being here on earth. The part that would deter me from openly expressing the Jewish faith though would be fear of pain. I freak out when I get a paper cut, much less my hands and feet cut off. However, Im sure the martyrs viewed that pain as temporary and saw their rewards for it in a future life. So even though I can see both sides, it would be a tough decision for someone in my time, and Im sure for someone back then as well. My question concerns Flavius Josephus. He was a Jew who was around for the revolt against Rome and even helped fight in it. Why then did he later become an ally of the Romans? His writings usually did not paint Romans in a favorable light, so why would he join them and what they stand for?...
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