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NT THEO 220-02 Ch 8 Matthew’s Portrait of Jesus A part I found interesting was Jesus’ antitheses. I had previously heard both views that were discussed in this chapter, one of them being an eye for an eye and the other being love your enemies. I had never really thought about it before, but as the book pointed out, these two principles do contradict each other. I don’t think that the second way of going about things is necessarily submissive. Walter Wink’s explanations made a lot of sense to me, especially since he put it in the context of biblical times which was probably the gospel’s intention. Without his interpretation, I wouldn’t have known certain historical things, such as Roman soldiers only being allowed to have a peasant carry their stuff one mile. This had impeded my previous understanding, and now I view this way of living as much less passive but rather silently rebellious.
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Unformatted text preview: I would like to discuss the section about Jesus and John the Baptists relationship more. The book mentions that both Jesus and John had disciples. Did some people think John was the Chosen One? This wouldnt make sense to me because if John was, or portrayed himself as this, then he wouldnt have sent a letter asking Jesus if he was the Chosen One. I was very confused by the observance of Torah law. Matthew emphasizes that the Torah is eternally binding. To me, this means you must obey it to get into Heaven. However, he follows it up by saying that nonobservant believers may still belong, but they will hold a lower rank. How and why is Heaven ranked? It shouldnt be a competition, but rather a youre in or youre out type of thing. Plus, if this was the case, then why do we here at SLU as Jesuits not follow Torah law? Do we not want to be highly ranked in Heaven?...
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