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Theo ch 11 - It does not go into detail but I wish it would...

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NT THEO 220-02 Ch 11 The Other Gospels I really enjoyed the gospels about Jesus’ infancy and childhood. It’s a shame they are not included in the Bible, but regardless, I’m glad they exist somewhere. I was surprised to find that Jesus was such a defiant little brat when he was young. I would have thought that God would have given him some form of divine insight or calmness as a child, but instead Jesus according to the stories was impatient and used his powers against people who wronged him, even if it was accidental. It mentions that Jesus even kills a child, as well as one of his teachers. I believe one of the Ten Commandments says something along the lines of thou shall not kill. By defying this, it appears that Jesus was himself a sinner. If so, wouldn’t this make him an unfit candidate to die for the sins of the world? The Gospel of Peter refers to Jesus’ postmortem activities in the Underworld.
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Unformatted text preview: It does not go into detail, but I wish it would. If Jesus was divine, wouldn’t he go to Heaven? I just don’t see why he is in the Underworld, which I assume means Hell. Most souls go there for punishment, but Jesus received his punishment on Earth, so it doesn’t seem like there’s a reason why he would go there. My question refers to the Gospel of Thomas. It talks about transforming Mary from a female into a male, as all females should do, because they are unfit otherwise. This is a horrible thing to say. I cannot imagine Jesus saying this. If females are so unworthy, then why would God create them in the first place? Furthermore, how do women become like men? Is it meant to be on a rational/emotional level, or on a physical level? I think this was only written due to the social influences of that time. God wouldn’t forsake half of the world’s population simply based on gender....
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