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Theo ch 15 - It’s usually the guys who aren’t getting...

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NT THEO 220-02 Ch 15 1 Thessalonians and 1-2 Corinthians I found the section on marriage to be interesting yet infuriating. He promotes the single life and says, “it is a good thing for a man to have nothing to do with women.” I understand that it may be seen as removing a distraction from a believer’s religious commitment, but there are many problems with this. First of all, God made women for men. If there was no need for them because they would only get in the way, then God would have stopped after Adam and never moved on to creating Eve. Secondly, if men are suppose to remain single, then how will humanity continue? I know Paul thinks it doesn’t need to because the Parousia is coming anyways, but he doesn’t know when exactly, so in the mean time, there needs to be a plan B. Thirdly, just because a man is single, it doesn’t mean he won’t be distracted.
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Unformatted text preview: It’s usually the guys who aren’t getting any, that lust after women more. It’s like the “you always want what you can’t have” concept. My question pertains to the Second Coming of Christ. Paul seems convinces that it is to occur soon, as within his lifetime. Much of his preaching talks about how sinners must change, for the End time is near. However, he denounces those who try to predict when the Parousia will take place, saying it will be sudden and unexpected, such as how when labor pains strike a woman without warning. Yet in a way, Paul is doing the very thing he criticizes. He may not be giving an exact date or time, but he is making a prediction in a certain limited time frame. How is he any different from the other prophesiers? Clearly Paul was wrong too, so why do we still study his gospel and not those of people who made other prophecies?...
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