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NT THEO 220-02 Ch 16 Galatians and Romans I really enjoyed the part that talks about Justification by Faith, not only because it applies to me, but because it actually makes sense. Paul says that Jesus’ voluntary death pays the Torah’s penalty for all lawbreakers, so through the law he died to law. I think it is better this way. It would not be right to be saved simply due to obedience of the law. There are many reasons to abide by laws. Some do it to fit in, others out of being raised to do so, and some do it out of fear. None of these reasons actually indicate any form of faith or belief, so what is the purpose? Believing in the crucifixion and resurrection should be the main requirement to get into heaven, since it’s much more personal and attainable. I wish we knew more about Paul’s conversion from a Pharisee to a Christian. What was the reaction he got from others? Did the other Pharisees shun him?
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Unformatted text preview: Did Christians not trust him? Switching from one to the other is a pretty extreme measure, so I can see there being hesitation from everyone, even Paul. Paul seems convinced that the End Time is coming soon. He talks about it throughout his conversations and letters, even suggesting that when it does happen, he will still be physically alive. My question is, why? Why did he think that the Second Coming was going to happen so soon? What evidence did he have? He says his message is a direct “revelation of Jesus Christ.” If this was true, then wouldn’t he have been right and the Parousia would have already taken place? Paul received this information after Jesus was already dead, so this wisdom he claims had to be divine. It leaves no room to speculate that Jesus was subjected to human error or that his ideas were not inborn because at this point, Jesus was no longer human....
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