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Theo ch 19 - However since more humans are born daily and...

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NT THEO 220-02 Ch 19 Universal Letters I really enjoyed the layout and messages in 1 Peter. He talks about the privileges, responsibilities, and suffering that comes with being a Christian. I think it is important for believers to be reminded that their faith is not all benefit and reward. You will still face hardships that you must deal with, just as Jesus had to deal with his own. If you can share in his glory, you can share in his pain. Peter does a good job of not scaring away people who read this though because he also offers a look at all the privileges a believer may receive. It is the balance he creates of these things that will allow people to effectively follow God, the Christian lifestyle, and their churchly duties. My questions pertain to 2 Peter when he discusses the delayed Parousia. First, Peter claims that God’s delay to act is really a manifestation of his will to save all people.
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Unformatted text preview: However, since more humans are born daily, and the world population is growing, will the wait ever end? At this rate, more and more people will come into existence and God will be unable to save them all simply by waiting. The only way around this that I see is for God to make it to where women can no longer produce children. My second question brought up in this section is about the third world. Peter says that the third world will replace the previous two destroyed, respectively, by water and fire. God wiped the world clean with the flood during Noah’s time. This however led to our current world, which is far from perfect. How do we know that the Earth’s second destruction will lead to anything better, such as a world under God’s rule? It could just turn out to be broken and corrupt again. Also, how does he know the Earth will be destroyed with fire next?...
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