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NT THEO 220-02 Ch 20 Book of Revelation I found this chapter to be rather confusing. Everyone is always drawn to the book of Revelations because it has a dark, evil side to it which makes it exciting. Based upon this chapter though, I found this book goes way above my head. There are too many metaphors and symbols to keep up with, and many of the symbols don’t even make sense to me. For instance, I don’t like the story of the wedding of the Lamb and the Holy City. I understand what it all means and represents, but I still think it is a ridiculous thing to compare. Another thing I don’t like about this book of the Bible is that it depicts God as angry and vengeful. I much prefer the God who is loving and compassionate. When you follow someone who is set out to wreak havoc, you mainly do it because you are afraid of them. This isn’t a quality one should look for in a God. I wish the book would have talked more about the seals in general.
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Unformatted text preview: Why do they mark various things? Why are the symbols chosen? The ones I want to know more about specifically are the first four seals, which unleash the famous Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Each of these horsemen represent something unpleasant, yet random. Why were conquest, war, food shortages, and death the only things accounted for? Why not adultery, money, or vanity? This chapter talks about original sin. I have heard of this before and have always had issues with it. It says that all humanity inherits Adam’s sinful nature. Just because we are descendants of him, I don’t see why his actions determine our consequences. Not everyone is like their parents/ancestors. Also, what about babies who die before they have the chance to know God, or at the very least get baptized? I don’t think it would be fair for them to not go to Heaven just because of one man’s actions....
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