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Theo 220-02 study guide-test 3 - Test 3 Study Guide Chapter...

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Test 3 Study Guide Chapter 13: 1. What are the author, date, place of composition, and audience of the Acts of the Apostles? 284 Author: Luke Date: About 90 CE Place of Composition: Unknown, perhaps Antioch or Ephesus Audience: Addressed to Theophilus; he represented the scattered Gentile Christians throughout the Roman Empire 2. What is the organizing principle of Acts announced in Acts 1:8? 284-285 “...they are to bear witness to Him in Jerusalem and all over Judeah and Samaria and away to the ends of the Earth.” 4. What explains the similarities among all the speeches in Acts? 286 Like other historians of his day, Luke ascribes long elaborate speeches to his leading characters. The similarity amongst the speeches occurred because they were all composed by the same author, Luke. In the absence of apostolic speeches, Luke follows the standard practice of Greco-Roman authors by supplementing what was remembered with material of his own creation. 8. What two distinct parties emerged within the original Jerusalem Christian community? 290-291 The Hellenists, Greek-speaking Jews of the diaspora, and the Hebrews, who are aramaic-speaking Jews apparently native to Palestine. 9. What are the stories of Stephen and Phillip? 290-291 Stephen was the chief Hellenist and because of his public preaching, the priestly opposition accused him of attacking the temple cult (Sadducees) and subverting the mosaic Torah. In turn, he accused the temple leadership of fighting against the Holy Spirit, murdering the Messiah and failing to keep the Torah. Stephen was the first Christian martyr and praying on his deathbed he experienced a vision of Heaven and echoing Jesus’ words on the cross, asked God to forgive his executioners. Phillip was one of Stephen’s fellow Hellenists. His first convert was Simon Magus, a notorious magician who later tried to buy Peter’s gift of imparting the Holy Spirit, an attempt Phillip severely revoked. Later, Phillip encountered an Ethiopian eunuch while reading a singularly appropriate passage from the Bible. After baptising the eunuch, Phillip was snatched away by the Spirit, never again seen by the eunuch. 10. What happened at the first church conference in Jerusalem according Acts? How does Paul’s version of this conference differ from Acts? 293-295 Acts: There was a controversy in Antioch about whether Gentiles should be circumcised or not. Paul and Barnabas were sent by the Church to go and settle the matter in Jerusalem. The council was made up of public speeches by Peter and James; the apostles and elders and the whole church concur (they are moved by the Holy Spirit). They decided that Gentiles will not have to be circumcised, but they should abstain from idol meat, blood, strangled animals, and unlawful marriages. Paul: Paul has a vision and takes Barnabas and Titus to Jerusalem where they meet privately with James
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Theo 220-02 study guide-test 3 - Test 3 Study Guide Chapter...

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