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NT THEO 220-02 Luke Chs 10:29-37; 15:11-32; 16:19-31 I enjoyed to story of the Good Samaritan. It is hard to believe that the first two passers- by just walked around the man and let him suffer. When you see someone in distress, for me at least, there’s a natural inclination to help them. I also view it as if I were in this persons’ position, I would want someone to help me. I am happy that there was someone who eventually helped him, and I think it makes for a good parable. The message I got from it was everyone is your neighbor, so in order to ‘love thy neighbor’ you must treat all people similar, not just the people who physically live near you. The story of the rich man and Lazarus brought up some questions. Abraham says that the rich man received his good things in his life time, and that Lazarus who was poor in life, is receiving his good things now. I do not understand the point of this story.
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Unformatted text preview: If the rich man went to Hades because he sinned and was a bad person, thats one thing. However, if he is simply there because he led a life of wealth, thats unreasonable. It seems like Abraham is basically saying that you can be the best person ever, but if you want to have a comfortable living, then you will not be rewarded for you goodness. Does this mean people like Kurt Warner, who praise God at every football game, will not enter into Heaven just because they were paid well? Does it not count as having good things if you do not technically own them? If so, then Father Biondi has a good thing going, even though I find it absurd. If you are the only one who uses something, such as his house and his car, then its basically under your ownership, just not legally. It may not be wise to live in excess, but to live in poverty seems too extreme....
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