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Theo Mark chs 9-16 - When he ascended to Heaven did his...

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NT THEO 220-02 Gospel of Mark chs 9-16 I thought it was odd that Peter denied Jesus three times. Jesus was crucified for blasphemy. After all, he was claiming to be the Christ which would be hard to believe even back then. To the council, he just looked like an ordinary person since they had not seen any of his works or miracles. Peter might have been afraid that he would be crucified as well. This however would be a silly thing to think because Peter himself was not claiming to be the Chosen One. Plus, if he was really that afraid, then why wouldn’t he just flee the city like some of the others? I wish the book would have talked more about what happened when Jesus arose from the dead. All it says is that Jesus revealed himself then was taken into Heaven to sit by God. What did he do while he was waiting for people to realize that he was gone from his tomb?
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Unformatted text preview: When he ascended to Heaven, did his body go with him? If only his soul left, then was his body reburied? My question is why was it so different back then? I am not talking about general life, culture, and tradition, but rather disease and demons. Jesus performs plenty of miracles throughout the Gospel of Mark, many of them exorcisms. I have never seen a demon possessed person in my life, no one I know has. I know exorcisms do still go on to this day, but they are few and spread throughout the world. Jesus simply walked from one town to another, all generally being in a limited area, and he found numerous cases. This seems highly unlikely. Were all these stories exaggerated or false? Were there more demons inhabiting Earth back then?...
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