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Theo Matthew chs 5-7 & Luke chs 6-49

Theo Matthew chs 5-7 & Luke chs 6-49 - the earth I...

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NT THEO 220-02 Matthew Chs 5-7 & Luke Chs 6:17-49 Jesus’ sermon seems more idealist than realist. He says we must be perfect, as the heavenly Father is perfect. Nobody is as perfect as God, especially since we were born with original sin. Asking this of us is ridiculous and unattainable. We can all make good faith efforts, but in the end we can never accomplish this. Certain things are natural. For instance, man is attracted to woman due to an inherent need to survive/continue the species. Without this, man as well as many other species would have died out a long time ago. Yet, Jesus says that even looking at a woman with lust is committing adultery and it would be better of them to cut out their eyeball. Sexual attraction is natural, sexual action is voluntary. I don’t see how Jesus can make such demands when he knows it goes against our biology. Matthew 5:13 portrays Jesus saying to the people on the mount that they are the salt of
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Unformatted text preview: the earth. I assume he means it in a positive way, because right after it he gives another analogy of how they are the light of the world. Why would he use salt though? This comes off as a negative thing to me because if you pour salt into soil, nothing will grow. Perhaps I’m reading it wrong, and Jesus is intending for it to be a bad thing. I would just like to discuss this more so that I may have a better understanding of its meaning. My question is what is the purpose of fasting? Not eating just doesn’t seem healthy or beneficial to anyone. Do people fast to become closer to God, by denying themselves something? I don’t see the correlation. Yes, I understand that God doesn’t eat food so to be like him/closer to him, we do the same. That’s stupid. God is also a spirit/non-human being, doesn’t mean we should kill ourselves so we can become spirits as well....
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