#8 Acid-Base Equilibria

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Discussion: Experiment #8 Acid- Base Equilibria In this experiment we were titrating and mixing solutions and measuring their pH’s to obtain values that we would calculate into K a values. We also tested the resistance to change in pH of a buffer solution we prepared. In the first part of the experiment we titrated acetic acid with sodium hydroxide while measuring the pH until we reached the equivalence point. In the second part of the experiment we mixed various solutions of acetic acid and sodium acetate and measured their pH’s. In the third part of the experiment we first observed the pH changes to DI water and a buffered solution, which we prepared from sodium acetate and acetic acid, when adding hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide. In part one, we obtained the K a value by measuring the pH and identifying the pH at the half equivalence point. We took the knowledge that pH=P ka at the half equivalence point and then calculated the K a value, 2.0x10 -5 . When we compare that to the accepted
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