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Discussion Exp 14

Discussion Exp 14 - Discussion Experiment 14 Atomic...

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Discussion - Experiment 14: Atomic Spectroscopy In this experiment we were looking at light through spectroscopes from different atomic sources including mercury, hydrogen and a number of metal atoms. The first light we looked at were the fluorescent lights in the room, the second was a hydrogen lamp, and the third part of the experiment we burned NaCl, CaCl 2 , LiCl, SrCl 2 , BaCl 2 , and KCl. In part one of the experiment we calibrated the spectroscope and recorded the spectroscope scale readings for each color of emission. Then we made a calibration graph using the given wavelengths of each color. The calibration graph had a positive slope when we drew a linear least square fit. The equation of the line and R 2 was Y= 0.0078x+1.3682 R 2 = 0.9311 The y value corresponds to the spectroscope scale reading and the x value corresponds to the wavelength (nm). For part two of the experiment when looking at the hydrogen lamp the lines we observed were violet at 4.4, blue at 4.9, green at 5.5, and red at 7.0. We used these values
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