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Discussion Experiment 12: Thermodynamics of Electrochemical Cells In this experiment we were observing the effects of temperature and concentration on cell potential. In the first part of the experiment we set up a beaker with two test tubes submersed in water, one with a copper metal strip and the other with a zinc metal strip hooked up to a voltmeter and a salt bridge of KNO 3 connecting them. We put three different concentrations of their corresponding nitrate solution in both of the test tubes, the first was 1.0 M Zn(NO 3 ) 2 and 1.0 Cu(NO 3 ) 2 , the second 0.1 M Zn(NO 3 ) 2 and 1.0 M Cu(NO 3 ) 2 , and the third 1.0 M Zn(NO 3 ) 2 and 0.1 M Cu(NO 3 ) 2 . We measured the voltage of each and temperature of the water. In the second part of the experiment we didn’t do anything but make a graph and do calculations with the given data. Zn (s) + Cu 2+ (aq) Cu (s) + Zn 2+ (aq) Concentration Cell Voltage, E cell Temperature Measured Calculated 1.0 M Zn(N O 3 ) 2 1.0 M Cu(NO 3 ) 2 0.858 V
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