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Discussion: Lab #9 Thermodynamics In this experiment we worked with calibrating a calorimeter and observed the temperature changes when we added hot water to cold, hot metal to room temp water, NH 4 NO 3 to water, and NaOH to HCl. In the first part of the experiment C cal represents the amount of heat absorbed by the calorimeter for every degree Celsius temperature increase of the water and the calorimeter. It was measured so that we would have a constant to use in our other calculations. It was measured twice because this number must be accurate for it is going to affect the rest of your calculations. Our C cal were not consistent but were 7.7 J/mol different. In the second part of the experiment the value of C
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Unformatted text preview: metal was 1.02 J/K g and this made the unknown metal Aluminum. There was a -9.27% error between the calculated and actual atomic mass. In the third part of the experiment we got an experiment value of the change in enthalpy of 2.64X10 4 J/mol and a calculated 2.86X10 4 J/mol. This gave us a -7.69% error. In the fourth part of this experiment we got an experimental value of 364 J/mol and a calculated value of -5.58X10 4 J/mol. Which gave us a 100.7% error. A source of error for this experiment could be that we didn’t measure the right temperatures at given points, which could give us the wrong max temperatures. This would throw off our results completely like in part four of the experiment....
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