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Discussion for Exp. 17 The purpose of this lab was to determine the freezing points of pure benzophenone and two benzophenone and cyclohexanone solutions. The first solution of pure benzophenone we heated in a warm bath until the benzphenone had completely dissolved and then began recording the temperatures. We recorded the temperatures of the solutions in 10-second time intervals and then graphed the data to create freezing point curve for Graph A. For the other two solutions we added cyclohexanone, the solute, to the benzophenone, the solvent, and heated in the bath again. We recorded the temperature and graphed the data giving us Graph B and Graph C. The T f that we got from Graph A was 46.7°C. When comparing this to the accepted value T f = 47.8°C we got a 2.30% error. What could have been a source of error in the T f value could be that the benzophenone had been contaminated with the cyclohexanone, which would cause us to have a low T f value. This would explain why our T f value was 46.7 °C, because it is lower than the
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