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Orwell Response - but also phrases and sayings are being...

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Response: Orwell The decline of our language reminds me of the concept of ying and yang in a way. There is not something to put the blame on but rather we must blame both the effect on language we have and the effect of language on ourselves. It is a vicious circle that doesn’t end as we change language and modernize it; I believe that we are simplifying it. I could tell it was Orwell who wrote this piece because one of the first things I thought of when reading it was Orwell’s 1984. As we change language we are loosing more and more words that used to be commonly used not but a half of a decade ago. In a way as we modernize the English language we are making it more simple. Not only are words being lost but also the way we communicate with each other and change the language is simplifying the English language. Just like in 1984, we are beginning to eliminate the need for certain words and even going as far as abbreviating. The change of language has gone a lot farther than Orwell predicted though, not only are words being shortened
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Unformatted text preview: but also phrases and sayings are being abbreviated like NBD, no big deal. I hear and see multiple times a day LOL, LMAO, OMG, TTYL, fo sho, and many other slang words being spoken and typed by fellow students. All of these abbreviations and shortening of words is useful and even efficient one may say for things like texting and emailing, but I see it as the death of language as we know it. These language changes have happened right before my eyes and ten years ago I couldn’t tell you a well known abbreviation other than RSVP to be honest. At this rate, who knows how many words and sayings will be abbreviated by the time I am raising my own children. Will I someday read my child a book that has the abbreviation LOL in it? It would be sad if that was someday a reality, but the English language could be preserved. If all these modernizations were kept only for electronics and we kept the language alive and well in spoken and formal word it will live on and most likely prosper....
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Orwell Response - but also phrases and sayings are being...

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