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Outline - Obsessions b Amount of Information Posted to...

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Outline I. Opening Paragraphs a. I didn’t choose one of the listed opening but just started writing my thoughts down. I wanted strong statements and to describe the technological America we live in in the first two paragraphs. I also wanted to emphasize the vast array of ways we communicate now through electronics and to try and plant the question of what are the effects of socializing virtually? II. POI a. Time Spent Online i.
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Unformatted text preview: Obsessions b. Amount of Information Posted to Public i. School originally ii. Name, Town, Age iii. Interest and Bio iv. Relationship Status v. Photos vi. Conversations c. People Meeting Online i. Mutual Friends ii. Complete Strangers iii. Searches d. Online Bullying and Harassment i. Incident of Teen Girl Hanging herself ii. New laws that apply only to online harassment? e. Invites i. To events ii. Friend Requests...
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