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Response-Loewen - Response Loewen After reading this piece...

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Response: Loewen After reading this piece the question of how these heroes are made came to mind. I reasoned that it must be the schools that dictate what is said in textbooks because schools are the consumers whom decide which textbooks will be required or bought. We are deceived that the people we learn about are not flawed, perfect citizens to which we should all study and strive to become like. This is understandable because how would you inspire someone with say the story of Helen Keller’s triumph over her handicaps if half of the story one was distracted by the fact that she turned into a radical socialist. One would at first be awed by her struggles and then disappointed by her choices and beliefs later in life if they didn’t agree with her opinions. Another example of people being made into heroes by leaving out important parts of their life stories out would be Christopher Columbus. As a child I remember being
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