Response-Percy - Mexico one would get at a resort we both...

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Response: Percy This piece was interesting and thought provoking. The first thing I thought about was the mass communication and media sharing that we do in modern society. In a way it has made it much easier to find and look at interesting and exciting things but it also has taken away the element of surprise and discovery. This article reminded me of a trip down to Mexico I took with my mother when I was 13. When I was informed of our vacation the first thing I thought of was the typical Cabo trip, resorts and planned fiestas. I couldn’t have been more wrong though. We stayed in a small village with no tourist influences and for the week I was there I got to see and experience the ‘real’ Mexico. This reminded me of the example of the couple who goes to Mexico in Percy’s piece. Instead of the chewed up, regurgitated version of
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Unformatted text preview: Mexico one would get at a resort we both got to witness something unknown and new to ourselves. And to admit just like the couple when I got home I wanted to share that experience with others which made the unique experience that much less unique just by telling so many about it. I especially liked the part about dinosaur bones that Percy talked about. I thought it was an interesting thing to think about that by putting the bones in museum for all to see would make less people see it for what it really is, an amazing discovery. Instead it becomes a ‘pile of bones’, which everyone knows about and is in no way original or unique. If he were to have kept the discovery to himself instead of giving it to a museum with his name stamped on it, it probably would have kept some of it’s mystery instead of become history and fact....
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Response-Percy - Mexico one would get at a resort we both...

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