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Global Warming Blog Global warming has become a huge factor in our world of today. With the way we have burned fossil fuels and not really taken care of our environment the way we are suppose to, then we would not have weather and heating issues as we have today. I do think this is a moral matter. Because in the end, we are the reason why the issue of global warming is so big. We have to be able to find other sources of fuel and energy. If we took the time to slow down and really take in consideration what fossil fuels, coal, and others actual do to the earth’s crust. We would then quickly find another form of fuel and energy. Scientists would have to show our society the actual pictures or graphs and timeline of the result of the things we are doing to our earth. In my surrounding community we do not really feel the effects of global warming and energy until summer time. Being that we live in the south and Georgia, it does get quite warm in the summer. I can remember when I was younger it would be in the 90’s during the hottest part of the day.
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