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Databases: What is a database? How is it different from an Internet search? A database is a giant bank of information. The internet is also a gigantic bank of information but they are not screened sites. Databases are organized by subject to make searching easy. Databases are a collection f publishes articles from magazines, newspapers and academic journals. Everything in a database has been screened by editors, academics and peers for valid research or news. A database is a student and professionals best friend it can supply any amount of information needed. The internet has many sources most formulated from opinions or plagiarized from other sources. When pulling information from dot-coms you run a large risk of false or plagiarized information. Internet searching is difficult to find correct/ true information. There are many websites to visit including but not limited to dot-gov, dot-edu and dot-
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Unformatted text preview: com. Databases do all the work for you by weeding out the bad and supplying the user with only valid information. Bottom line there is no comparison between a databases information and internet searching information. Questions: Does a database help cite the information you are using from the source it has been pulled from? If so, does the database automatically cite sources in MLA format? How often is the database updated with information? Say I wanted to write a paper on current political subjects, does the database include current speeches? Such as Presidental speeches, congress speech, etc. .? When contacting the Liberians through the online library what it the usual response time? I will post more questions as I run across them. Thanks....
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