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Final Essay English 105

Final Essay English 105 - Schweizer 1 Matthew Schweizer...

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Schweizer 1 Matthew Schweizer Professor Jacobs English 105 Steve Jobs-The Reason for Apple Inc. Success? Steve Jobs is the globally known face for Apple Inc. Jobs is very involved with many distinguished companies including but not limited to; Walt Disney, NeXT and Pixar. Jobs has a remarkable talent and with out his stride for perfection, Apple would not be number one in technology. Jobs does not flash his earnings nor wear eye appealing clothing. He is modest and yet distinguished at the same time. It is impressive to think about all that he has accomplished with this type of aura and personality. Adding to his brainy and laid back character, Jobs collects only one dollar as a paycheck. So why does he continue to put so much effort into the development of Apple technology? He may be just looking to fortify his legacy, after all he is part founder. Maybe his ego just will not let him quit. This is the type of personality I imagine him possessing. After reading about the Jobs legacy I wonder a few things. Would Apple be the same without him? Would it be as successful as it is the current day? Maybe all of the character traits I have inferred about him spills into his success. Maybe his casual yet humble style is a key reason he is so acclaimed. Steve Jobs was an orphan who was adopted by the Jobs family in 1955. He is humble and appreciative for all he has accomplished. Jobs moved in and out of schools until high school, when the family settled in Mountain View, California. This area was known as Silicon Valley. This area was filled with electronic manufacturers which used a
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Schweizer 2 lot of silicon in the manufacturing of there products, thus Silicon Valley. Jobs would go to Hewlett-Packard after school to see demonstrations of new products and lectures. It seems that he knew exactly what his purpose was in the industry before he even really
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Final Essay English 105 - Schweizer 1 Matthew Schweizer...

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