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Matthew Schweizer 5/15/10 Prof. Jacobs “Salvation” 1) How old was Hughes when this event occurred? Why is his age important? Hughes was age thirteen when he was brought to be saved. At Hughes’ age you take everything you hear and wait for it to come true. Thirteen is still at the age where you believe anything you hear, there is no second guessing. Hughes age is important because he is still at a young adolescent age and hasn’t begun to think outside the box. 2) Why does Hughes linger on the mourners’ bench after all of the other children have left? Does Hughes understand his Aunt’s words about Jesus in a literal of Figurative sense? Hughes stuck to the mourners’ bench after the rest had left because he was still awaiting the entry of Jesus. As Hughes sat on the bench the people of the church surrounded him, praying he would accept God’s invitation. Hughes took his aunts words as a literal sense instead of a figurative sense. He waited on the bench for Jesus to enter his body and make him feel different. Hughes aunt was talking in a figurative sense.
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