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Matthew Schweizer Prof. Jacobs English 105 1. In what way is this cause and effect analysis? Identify at least three cause and effect relationships in Staples's essay. After reading through the story several times, looking for clear cause and effect relationships I struggled to conclude three concise examples. There is one relationship that is very evident however. The “Black Man” who has written this story has had to figure out coping mechanisms and justify society’s reactions to him, which is an evident effect of society’s reactions to him. The cause behind the entire story is that he cannot proceed through public spaces, parks, or neighborhoods without alarming an aura of fear. The effect is that he has developed ways to relax their fears and in turn, relax himself as a misconceived predator. If I needed to pick two more concise examples of cause and effect however, I would start in Hyde Park. The cause for the woman to run through the park frantically trying to get away from the “Black Man” in question was simply the
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