Week 4 disscusion - WEEK 4 For this discussion I'd like you to address the following questions 1 What is Singer's central argument Does he have

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WEEK 4 For this discussion, I'd like you to address the following questions: 1. What is Singer's central argument? Does he have more than one? The central argument of this story pertains to a world full of wealthy prospering people. However, no one is donating enough back to society. People are selfish. Basically Singer would like for families that are prospering to take the surplus of household income and donate it to people that are suffering from poverty. We are a part of society and a society need to work together. 2. What evidence (logical or emotional) does he use to support his argument? Singer has multiple points to his argument. Singer started by telling two unfortunate and depressing stories. After telling the stories and explaining the situations, Singer followed with making the reader feel guilty for not donating. He did this through extensive uses of children and vulnerable devices. These uses captured the reader. The reader was taken back by the situations placed upon the two characters. Singer suggests that households do
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