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SondraStark_Unit2Assignment_MT311-07 - UNIT2ASSIGN Sondra...

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UNIT 2 ASSIGN Sondra Stark Unit 2 Assignment Business Law I MT311-07 Kaplan University March 29, 2010
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UNIT 2 ASSIGN This is a very clear cut case of unintentional negligence. Mr. Davis, being an employee of the company does have a duty of care to all that enter the company’s premises. Duty of care is basically defined as a duty of all persons to exercise a reasonable amount of care when interacting with others. Failure to exercise due care constitutes negligence and Ms. Esposito has grounds to sue for her injuries (Fundamentals of Business Law I pp 90, G-7). In order to go forward with the case, the defendant must be able to state that and prove the following four items. The defendant must prove they were owed a duty of care by the plaintiff. In this case, Mr. Davis is an employee and should ethically and morally be watching out for people that are entering or exiting the building. Mr. Davis was just standing around, and when he decided to move, there was someone there, and he knocked her down. Therefore, the second claim is proved, which is that the
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SondraStark_Unit2Assignment_MT311-07 - UNIT2ASSIGN Sondra...

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