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UNIT 2 CASE Sondra Stark Unit 2 Case Study Business Law MT311-07 Kaplan University March 29, 2010
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UNIT 2 CASE In this particular case study, the new homebuyers signed a contract stating they acknowledged any disputes would have to be handled through binding arbitration. Therefore, the homeowner must use arbitration and not sue the home builder privately. At this point of the contract, they are no longer involved and the homebuyer must use arbitration. It states clearly in the contract that if the homebuyer has a dispute with the builder, arbitration must be used. Since there is an arbitration clause which states that any dispute that arises as a result of this contract must be resolved through arbitration. Most states now have statutes, often based on the Uniform Arbitration Act of 1955, which states that arbitration will be enforced. Since this has nothing to do with employment law or contracts, the federal government will uphold the arbitration. There are issues with arbitration and that is why it can often time be frowned
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SondraStark_Unit2CaseStudy_MT311-07.docx - UNIT2CASE Sondra...

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