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UNIT 3 CASE Sondra Stark Unit 3 Case Study Business Law I MT311-07 Kaplan University April 7, 2010
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UNIT 3 CASE According to Fundamentals of Business Law Part 1, double jeopardy is included under the Fifth Amendment and states that someone can not be tried for the same criminal offense more than once. This means that if a person is found not guilty of a crime, it can never be brought back up in a criminal court.
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Unformatted text preview: However, regardless of guilt in a criminal trial, the victim is permitted to sue the suspect in civil court to recover any losses, pain and suffering, or other damages. Therefore, in this case study, Armington is incorrect in saying that his Fifth Amendment rights are being violated. UNIT 3 CASE REFERENCES Miller, R., & Jentz, G. (2009). Fundamentals of Business Law Part I. Pg 137....
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SondraStark_Unit3CaseStudy_MT311-07.docx - However,...

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