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UNIT 6 ASSIGN Sondra Stark Unit 6 Assignment Business Law MT311-07 Kaplan University April 28, 2010
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UNIT 6 ASSIGN The remedy of specific performance is quite a tricky one; however, when used correctly can benefit both parties involved. I will be discussing four scenarios and whether or not specific performance applies to each. Tarrington contracts to sell her house and lot to Rainier. Then, on finding another buyer willing to pay a higher purchase price, she refuses to deed the property to Rainier . In this case, the remedy of specific performance is used because monetary damages will really do no good and not fully compensate the buyer. Along with that, it is used because the buyer will not be able to find a similar piece of property, in the same location, for the same price. Marita contracts to sing and dance in Horace’s nightclub for one month, beginning June 1. She then refuses to perform. In this particular case, specific performance will not work.
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