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UNIT 7 CASE Sondra Stark Unit 7 Case Study Business Law MT311-07 Kaplan University May 5, 2010
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UNIT 7 CASE Under Title VII, as well as several other federal acts, employers are strictly forbidden from discriminating against employees based on gender. Employers are not allowed to classify jobs as a female job or a male job. Employers also may not have separate lists of seniority based on gender. It all needs to be together, so whoever has been there longest, regarless of gender, is recognized. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 restricts employers from using gender based wage discrimination. Each employer must use the same pay requirements to either gender. Finally, under the Pregnancy Discrimation Act of 1978, employers may not discriminate based on the sole fact that a woman is pregnant, so long as they can do the job that is required of them. The Bona Fide Occupational Qualification is a defense in which employers use to show that some discrimination may be necessary. Race can never be used under this
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SondraStark_Unit7CaseStudy_MT311-07.docx - UNIT 7 CASE...

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