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SondraStark_Unit2Project_AC122-01 - There needed to have...

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Sondra Stark January 14, 2010 What action should the company take? There are two things that this company should do to recover wages. The company needs to first evaluate the Human Resources Department to determine how something like this could have happened. The next step they would need to consider would be legal action against Ken to recover unearned wages. The company needs to look into the Human Resources Deparment at both the local office as well as the corporate payroll office and see what the problem was.
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Unformatted text preview: There needed to have been better record-keeping, payroll registers, and employee earnings records. If this documents had been used correctly, and in a prompt time, this error never would have accured. The next option the company would want to look into is legal action against Ken. Although he received the checks, he knew that he did not earn that money, but still chose to keep the money. That is unethical and illegal. Therefore, the company would take any legal action necessary to recover the lost money....
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