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PAYROLL ACCOUNTING AND ME 1 Payroll Accounting and Me Sondra Stark Payroll Accounting AC122-01 Kaplan University There have been several key elements and concepts I have learned throughout this course. These are going to help me tremendously in my Accounting profession. I have learned how to properly calculate payroll taxes, for the employee as well as the
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PAYROLL ACCOUNTING AND ME 2 employer. I have also learned valuable laws in the payroll industry such as the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Unemployment Tax Act. I think there is one major concept I took away from this course, and that is determining payroll taxes. I thoroughly enjoy doing it, and have discovered I am quite good at it. However, since I have no degree yet, I would only get an entry level position and not get much hands on experience. I am looking at this course as more of a stepping stone. A class I can say I attended and thoroughly enjoyed. I obviously do not think that this class alone will land me my dream job; but it is a good start! Also, determining FUTA and SUTA taxes for employers is something else I
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SondraStark_Unit10WritingProject_AC122-01 - PAYROLL...

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