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The key factors of the syllabus are the course calendar, the discussion boards, grading criteria, policies, projects and seminars. All of these are important things that each student much learn and understand about each different course. The course calendar basically discusses the outline of the course. It shows everything we are expected to complete each unit. The discussion board simply states that must follow our instructor’s guidelines as to how many posts we must do and by when. We must complete our initial post by Saturday, and do respond to at least two classmates. The grading criteria breaks down how we will earn our points. So much of our total grade is based off of discussion boards, seminars, projects, and a final project. The main policy noted is the late policy. It states that based on the instructors discretion, late work can be deducted one letter grade, or not accepted at all.
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Unformatted text preview: There are extreme extenuating circumstances and it is important to share those with the instructor in a timely manner. The projects for the class are graded based on content, language, and format. Finally, the seminars are graded two different ways. If seminar is attended, grades are based mostly on interaction within the seminar. If option 2 is done, it is graded based off of quality of work, grammar, and length. The resources in Unit 1 reading show us the Kaplan Library and how to best use it. My personal favorite in the reading in the access to O*Net. It really shows what all careers fit with my degree and how I can use my degree effectively. The course syllabus is always a useful tool as well as it shows everything that is included and important information for the course....
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