SondraCaudill_Unit2Seminar_CS210-01 - In researching...

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Unformatted text preview: In researching different career fields I could get into with my Accounting degree, two very important factors weighed on my mind before deciding if I would want to apply for a position with that particular company. The most influential factor for me personally, would be the benefits and pay of the position and the company. The second most important factor I would have to consider would be travel distance and travel time. Through my research and overall job searching, I have come to the realization that with the Accounting degree comes much better benefits and higher pay. It is a very sought after field right now with no end in sight. Therefore, it is a competitive job market; but that makes the benefits and pay more competitive as well. More and more companies are offering additional benefits, such as sign on bonuses, immediate insurance benefits and vacation time, as well as...
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SondraCaudill_Unit2Seminar_CS210-01 - In researching...

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