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After reading the article provided, and doing additional research, I have compiled a list of the three biggest resume mistakes. Stretching the truth. Whether you are simply inflating past accomplishments or coming up with complete fabrications, lying is simply a bad idea. Aside from any moral or ethical implications, chances are that you'll eventually get caught and lose all credibility. So even if you get past the interview, your resume may become part of your employee file if you are hired, and inaccurate information could come back to haunt you. Typos and Errors . Never present a resume with errors! Proofread, proofread and then proofread again. Your résumé is your one chance to make a first impression. A typo or misspelled word can lead an employer to believe that you would not be a careful, detail-oriented employee. Spell-check software is not enough, since sentences like “Thank you for your
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Unformatted text preview: patients” would get the thumbs up. Ask several people to proofread your resume to be sure that it is free of typos and grammatical errors. Lengthy paragraphs describing your experiences. To list the responsibilities you’ve had in your past professional experience, you are best off using bullet points that begin with action verbs, such as managed, developed, etc. You do not need to use full sentences, and you certainly do not need to use the paragraph format. This makes the information in your resume overwhelming and difficult to review quickly. Make your statements brief and clear; don’t add words to fill in space. All of these common resume errors can be avoided with one word: proofread. If you take the time to re-read the resume, and even have others read it, you will easily catch these resume errors right away....
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