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There are several common errors/pitfalls when filing out an application for employment.  I am  going to discuss a few of those mistakes, and how to overcome them. First, the most common mistake is not following directions.  If you simply pay attention and read  all instructions, this is quite easy to avoid.  Crossing out words and misspelling are also a very  common application mistake.  When that happens, instead of crossing out words, or writing over  it, try using white out or use a pencil so you can erase.  Also make sure there is a dictionary  close by for any words you may be unsure of.  Not listing references on a job application is also 
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Unformatted text preview: a very common mistake. This, also, can be quickly fixed. Simply keep a spreadsheet or notepad with at least 3 business or academic references; preferably someone who can vouch for your work; use only employed individuals who have a phone; you should be associated with the person six months or more; do not use doctors, lawyers, or relatives; be sure you have the complete address and phone numbers.
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