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What kind of responsibility would I have? This is an important question to ask for any type of career or job.  It also shows the employer  that you really are interested in the position and will let you and the employer both know if you  are capable of handling those responsibilities.  It is important for a job candidate to know so they  can determine if it is a position they are comfortable dealing with. Who will I be reporting to? You should have already covered this in the interview, but make sure you know who your boss  is. Supervisors can make or break a job, so you want to make sure you get along with yours. Is the salary negotiable? If you’re unhappy about the salary, now is the time to negotiate. If the person you’re speaking  with hesitates when you ask if the salary is open for discussion, there’s probably room to  negotiate a higher salary, says James Chopra. If the response is a quick, firm “no”, you need to 
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Unformatted text preview: decide whether you want to settle for it. Now is also the time to ask about a signing bonus. Who will I be reporting to? You should have already covered this in the interview, but make sure you know who your boss is. Supervisors can make or break a job, so you want to make sure you can get along with yours. Can I have all this in writing? After wheeling and dealing to get the perfect offer, whether it is a benefits package or salary, ask to get a confirmation of everything you negotiated, even if it’s just an email that sums up the modified offer. If you’re happy with the offer agreed upon over the phone, accept it before relocating or quitting your current job.
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