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Unformatted text preview: 22­1A Variable Cost Direct Labor (750 hours x 30) Fixed Cost Supervisor Salaries Total Department Costs 22­2A Expected units to be sold Plus desired inventory 12/31/10 Total Less estimated beginning 1/10/10 Total Units to be produced 22­3A Ounces of wax required for production Candles (78,900 x 8 oz) Plus desired ending inventory 12/31/10 Total Less estimated beginning inventory 1/1/10 Total ounces to be purchased Unit price (per ounce (3.20/16=.20x8 ounces) Total direct materials to be purchased 22­4A Hours required for molding Candles (78,900x15) Convert minutes to hours Molding hours Hourly Rate Total direct labor cost 78,000 4,500 82,500 3,600 78,900 $22,500 $30,000 $52,500 631,200 2,400 633,600 2,000 631,600 x 1.6 1,010,560 / x 1,183,500 60 19,725 16 $315,600 ...
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