Ch6 - In 1997 scientists in Dr Peter Kim ’ s laboratory...

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Chem 365 Homework solutions Chapter 6. Use the structure of Molecule A, depicted below, to answer the following questions (13-18). 13. Which of the following best describes the molecule shown above? a. Dipeptide b. Tripeptide c. Tetrapeptide d. Octapeptide 14. Give the names, three letter codes, and single letter codes of the amino acids that are covalently linked to form molecule A. Answer: Tyrosine (Tyr, Y) and Glutamine (Gln, Q) 15. Circle the peptide bond(s) in molecule A. Answer: see drawing 16. Draw squares around each of the atoms that lie in the same plane as the peptide bond(s) (Hint: there should be six atoms). Answer: see drawing
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Chem 365 Homework solutions 17. Assign stereochemistry (D or L) below each of the chiral carbons in molecule Answer: see drawing (both C α atoms are in the L configuration 18. Calculate the isoelectric point (pI) for molecule A. (2+9)/2 = 5.5
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Unformatted text preview: In 1997, scientists in Dr. Peter Kim ’ s laboratory at the Whitehead Institute at MIT determined the core structure of the gp41 HIV envelope glycoprotein by protein x-ray crystallography. It is shown in a ribbon diagram representation below. The first (left) view is from the side. The second (right) view has been rotated 90 degrees about the horizontal in order to show its dimensions from the top. Use the information in the diagram to answer questions 19-20 below. 19. Which best describes this protein structure? a. α-helical b. antiparallel β sheet c. parallel β sheet d. mixed α-helix/ β sheet 20. Each of the six helices in this core structure is approximately the same length. Approximately how many amino acids make up the gp41 core structure? Answer: 9 turns per helix, 6 helices 9 x 6 = 54 turns. There are 3.6 amino acids per turn 54 x 3.6 = 194 amino acids....
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Ch6 - In 1997 scientists in Dr Peter Kim ’ s laboratory...

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