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Last Name: First Name: RED ID: Biology 204 - Spring 2011 - Quiz 1 mutualism (or mutualistic symbiosis) 1. What type of symbiosis has both species benefiting? geographic, polyploidy; habitat, tem- 2. Name two mechanisms that promote reproductive isolation. poral, behavioral, mechanical, gametic isolation, reduced hybrid viability, reduced hybrid fertility, hybrid breakdown [Not pre- or post-zygotic, as not specific enough] founder effect, population bottleneck 3. Name two ways that genetic drift, evolution by chance effects, can be promoted/increased? allopatric 4. The type of speciation in which evolutionary change occurs in different geographic regions. lineage [descent acceptable] 5. Term for a sequence of ancestors and descendants by transfer of (pattern) of DNA through space and time. mutation and genetic recombination 6. What are the two general ways that a change in DNA may occur? neotony [heterochrony acceptable]
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