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Biology 204 - Spring 2011 - Quiz 2 Mark on Parscore form only the letter or (all) letters that correspond with your answer. 1. A group consisting of a common ancestor but not all descendents of that common ancestor. ABE paraphyletic 2. Asexual reproduction in bacteria. BC fission 3. Bacteria forming branched filaments, some cause of tuberculosis, others source of antibiotics. A actinomycetes 4. Bacterium with a thin peptidoglycan layer, an outer membrane of lipopolysaccharides, can have an outer capsule, and tend to be more virulent! BE Gram - 5. Eukaryotic organelle, stacked, pancake-like membranes, functioning in transport and modification of compounds. BD golgi body 6. Lipopolysaccharides (in outer membrane of some bacteria) released when bacteria lyse (burst open), can cause illness. AD endotoxins 7. Protective resting phase of some bacteria; heat and drought resistant. AB endospore 8.
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Unformatted text preview: AC endosymbiosis 9. Principle stating that the cladogram (tree) having the fewest number of “steps” (evolutionary changes) is the one accepted. ACD parsimony 10. Type of metabolism in which the energy source is oxidation of inorganic compounds (e.g., ammonia, nitrite, H 2 , HS, sulfur) and the carbon source is CO 2. B chemoautotrophs Ex. The transfer of DNA from one bacterial cell to another by means of a mating bridge. E conjugation A actinomycetes B chemoautotrophs C chemoheterotrop hs D chlamydia E conjugation AB endospore AC endosymbiosis AD endotoxins AE exotoxins BC fission BD golgi body BE Gram -CD Gram + CE lysosome DE mitosis ABC monophyletic ABD mycoplasmas ABE paraphyletic ACD parsimony ACE photoautotrophs ADE photoheterotroph s BCD spirochaetes BCE transduction CDE transformation...
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